September is our PTA Membership Drive

Membership Goals

We want YOU!

Membership is how the PTA gets things done. We count on our members to help with projects and events that bring the school community together.

Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, just joining the PTA (and encouraging others to join, too) helps us grow. When you join, we’ll add you to our email list so you can keep up with all the wonderful things happening at South Avenue.

So let’s start the school year off right! For the month of September, we want to sign up 150 new PTA members. Parents, grandparents, teachers—everyone who cares about South Avenue is invited to join.

You can submit the membership form online or sign up on the spot at one of our many events throughout the year.

Like free stuff? We’ve got free stuff! Join the PTA in September and get a cool coupon page with great deals at Beacon businesses like Bank Square, Sal’s Pizza and Mountain Tops Outfitters.

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